Take out service on hold

The Quarter Moon Cafe is currently closed for in person and take out. We hope to have options for you soon. If you'd like to get email updates, please send your address to Stay safe.

Menu: 9/5/20

What better way to wind down the summer than with a


Please email all orders with a pick up time to We will also have our driveway dining available if you would like to eat here. Please email reservation requests. Pick up and tables are available from 5:00-8:00 on Saturday, September 5. Thank you.

We need to order fish Wednesday morning. Please order by 10AM on Wednesday so we can estimate our fish needs. Thank you.

The Boil — clams, mussels, shrimp, Catskill Food Company bacon and Moroccan spice sausage [you can order without if you prefer], corn, and potato — $27

Steamed Littleneck Clams — white wine, garlic, herbs — $15

Mussels in Smoked Tomato Sauce —  $13

Mexican Street Corn — chili aioli, cheese, lime — $4

Salt and Garlic Red Potato — $7 pint / $12 quart

Garlic Broccoli Rabe — $7 pint / $12 quart

Orange/Ginger Napa Slaw — $7 pint / $12 quart

Giant Pickle — half sour — $3

Vanilla Creme Brulee — $5



Homemade Ice Cream —  we have awesome flavors made with CLARK FARMS cream & milk. Check out these tasty treats

$8 pints

vanilla bean

dark chocolate

roasted strawberry


mint/Oreo cookie


miso caramel/black sesame brittle

The Elvis [banana, peanut butter, and bacon]


adzuki bean and ginger


$10 pints

canoli [ricotta, cherry, pistachio, chocolate]


carrot cake

matcha and white chocolate

lemon balm yogurt

blood orange creamisicle


Pantry Items

Ramp Pesto — 8 oz — $8.75

Ramp Pickles — 8 oz — $8

Fermented Jalapeno and Ramp Hot Sauce — 2 oz — $5

Habanero and Beer Hot Sauce — 2 oz — $5

We got our tap system up and running just in time for our break. We have pints available for dining in [$7] and quart jars to go [$14].

Upward Brewery, Pils Noir
Galaxy Brewery, Andromeda IPA
Southern Tier Brewery, 8 Days A Week Blonde Ale

All of our batched cocktails are very strong. That's why we'll send you home with a 10 pound bag of ice if you request it as well — make sure to request it when you order. We have lots of wine and beer which will be available as well.

Meyer Lemon Vodka Gimlet
Organic Rain Vodka, Meyer Lemon Juice, Thyme
$30 pt [6 drinks], $55 qt [12 drinks]

Mint Julep
In honor of the not-to-be-run Kentucky Derby, we're doing high octane mint juleps. Just add crushed ice.
$45 quart [10 drinks], $25 pint [5 drinks]


Watermelon Mezcal Margarita
[if you don't like smoke, we can do the drink with tequila instead of mezcal]
$38 quart [5 drinks]

The Dude's White Russian
Vodka, coffee liquor, CLARK FARM'S HALF AND HALF. Perfect dessert.
$30 quart [6 drinks]


Nuts & Berries
Vodka, blackberry, hazlenut, CLARK FARM'S HALF AND HALF.
Perfect dessert.
$30 quart [6 drinks]

Whiskey Ginger Snap
Whiskey, ginger juice, thyme lemonade
$30 quart [6 drinks]

20 pound bag of ice $5

3/26 UPDATE:

To place orders for Good Cheap Food, click here.

3/24 UPDATE:

The Quarter Moon Cafe will be closed indefinitely due to the our current pandemic. We will be offering prepared foods through Good Cheap Food, next door. We will be preparing things like Smoked Brisket, Smoked Chickens, and Pulled Pork. They will be available warm on the day they are made or in the cooler case the day after. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates for each week's offerings. You can also sign up for our email list to get updates. Send an email to and ask to be added to the email list.


Good Cheap Food:
Our sister store remains open to the public. We are in the midst of developing an online ordering platform for those of you that do not want to come into the store. Curb side pick up will be available and there is also the potential for delivery. From 10:00-11:00 each morning the store is open only to seniors.

If you have any ideas of ways we can help you through these trying times, please send them over.

Thank you for your continued support!

Take Out Dinner Menu for March 20 & 21

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