Quarter Moon Take Out

Each week, the Quarter Moon Cafe will be offering
take out meals on Thursdays.

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As of today, until further notice, public will not be allowed in the store to shop. You can either order online here, or stop by and fill out an order form in front of the store. YOU CAN NOW REQUEST PICKUP FOR YOUR ORDER ON THE SAME DAY. Keep in mind that we will pick orders in the order received. We might not get to yours by the time you request pick up. WE WILL CALL YOU WHEN IT IS READY. Please be patient we are doing our best. Please read the instructions below.

Good Cheap Food Online Ordering

Our sister restaurant, Quarter Moon Café, has graciously allowed us to use their online ordering system for our Good Cheap Food items. And, whew!, there are a lot of items! We are constantly updating, but there are still missing items and items that are out of stock. Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress and we are doing our best. If you come across any mistakes, please help us by letting us know.

Before entering the online store, please familiarize yourself with the following:

  • Most items are listed by pack size or a per pound price. If you want a specific amount of a bulk item, there is a special instructions box after you click on an item. If you only want a half pound of apples, type it into that box.
  • Many items in the store, such as fresh produce, meats, and cheeses are not an exact weight. We will try to get as close to the amount you request as possible. But, it might be a little less or a little more.
  • The online cart total is an estimate only. It does not include the shopping fee. We will call you with a final total after your order has been picked.
  • Payment: Online you only have the choice of selecting cash. We did this because we don't know what your total is going to be when the order is picked and we do not want to overcharge you if items are out of stock. When we have the order complete, we will call you with your total. At that point, you have the choices: [A] Pay in advance by sending money via PayPal to jonah@quartermooncafe.com. [B] Pay when you pick up with cash, credit card, or check.
  • Prices change with each order we place — especially produce. It will be nearly impossible for us to update the prices online each day. If the price is up to 20% different than the published price we will pick the item for you. If it is a bigger difference, we will get in touch to see if you still want it.
  • PICK UP: Select an ideal time. However, we are inundated with orders and it is impossible for us to guarantee that pick up times will be met — especially morning ones. DO NOT COME GET YOUR ORDER UNTIL YOU ARE CALLED AND TOLD IT IS READY!
  • CURBSIDE: Now that the store is closed to the public, we are not offering curbside pickup. You will need to come to the door and ask for your order.
  • We reserve the right to limit quantities of any item.
  • Search Tip: This interface actually has all items available in the store on the same web page. You can use the search feature of your browser to search for an item.
  • If you would like large volumes of particular items, we are happy to special order them for you. We get several produce orders a week, so those do not take that long. However, our dry goods deliveries arrive from our suppliers only once a week, so those items will take at least a week to get in. If you would like to make bulk orders, please send to jonah@quartermooncafe.com.
  • Remember this is a work in progress and we are doing the best we can to get things accessible to you as quickly as possible. We will continue upgrading, but demand is high for online ordering during this crisis,.

Place online orders here.

  • IMPORTANT: Choose a time for your pickup before you start your order (use the dropdown near the top of the page above the category nav bar). You may not be able to change the pick up time after you start your order without loosing items in your cart. If you get this warning, place the order as is and follow up with an email immediately telling us when you want to pick up your order.

Any questions, or if you need some help, email us at jonah@quartermooncafe.com.